cool picker

Since the first incarnation of 3ds max, almost every component of the program has changed in one or another way. One of the exceptions to this is the color picker - at times of MAX 1.0, it was top notch, but in the meantime, it has become quite outdated.

This is especially sad, since picking colors for lights and materials is one of the most basic operations every modeller has to do over and over again each day.

However, discreet has enabled us to write our own color pickers by making the standard picker pluggable. Only, nobody has written such a picker - up until now.

The "cool picker" started out as a max 3 project, but was soon updated to max 4. I've tested it extensively, and I have to say that it's very addictive.
If you've used it once, you will never want to go back to the small and ugly standard max color picker.

The cool picker was built with two intentions in mind: Since a picture says more than a thousand words, here's a small demo of the picker as it looks like:

You can download the cool picker here.

To install, extract the CoolPick.dlu to your max/plugins folder.